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Is The Inverted Row Best Upper-Back Exercise Ever?

The Inverted Row is a fantastic upper back exercise with many unique benefits.

There are numerous progressions to the Inverted Row such as elevating your feet or adding a weighted vest, however make sure you have mastered the technique first before moving on to these progressions.

Let’s talk about the benefits of the Inverted Row:

1. Builds A Great Physique - Now almost every one wants to build more muscle, right? Well the Inverted Row is definitely a physique builder, this exercise is a great stimulus for muscle growth and can also help benefit many of your other movements!!

This exercise works a number of different muscles in the upper back such as:

Rear deltoidsMiddle trapeziusLower trapeziusLatsRhomboidsBicepsForearms Core

So as you can see this is a great compound movement and will benefit fat loss no doubt about it.

2. NO Lower Back Strain - Our lower backs are simply not designed to move a lot of weight. Thats why everyone knows we should “lift with our legs and not our lower back”.

On the Inverted Row the lower back is completely taken out of the equation, unlike a barbell row where the lower back may succumb to weight first before the upper back and the true benefits of the barbell row are missed.

Lower back pain does not exist with this exercise!

3. Strengthens The Shoulder Girdle And Helps With Posture - The Inverted Row movement requires a lot of effort from the muscles in the middle back. These muscles are a huge contribution for good shoulder health.

By having a good balance in the lower trapezius, middle trapezius, and rhomboids, this will help lead to having a better posture. If people have upper traps that are too dominant, it contributes to kyphosis which is the “hunched over” posture. The Inverted Row strengthens the lower trapezius at just the right angle.

4. Promotes Optimal Recovery - Once you have been weight training for a while, you will realise one important aspect which is the balance between training and recovery.

This can include your nutrition, your sleep habits and the timing of when you eat. Everyone recovers differently, however it’s important as you need to keep healthy and make sure you're making good progress.

The Inverted Row is a demanding exercise, however the body finds it easier to recover from than a barbell row. This means that you are able to do an inverted row more frequently and potentially make progress significantly faster than with the barbell row.

It’s extremely easy to get started with the Inverted Row at home or in the gym simply by setting up a TRX or barbell you can safely hang from.




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