The ProScanner by Fit3D 


Cutting Edge Body Composition Scanning 


Fed Up Of Not Seeing Results?...

One of the most disheartening moments in a new fitness regime is trying to figure out if your plan is actually working it not... 

You think you can see some changes, kind of, but can you be sure?


You're stressed out, fed up of making sacrifices without seeing a result and so you abandon the plan, chuck in the towel and forget about your goals (until next time).

The thing is - your plan was working all along, you just didn't know it!

Introducing the ProScanner by Fit3D

Watch as your body changes in 3 dimensions. The ProScanner takes 1200 images of you to produce a 3D model of your body whilst simultaneously tracking hundreds of measurements such as:

  • Body Composition (including body fat percentage and lean mass).

  • Girth Measurements 

  • Posture & Balance 


Be Held Accountable Like Never Before

See the results of your training in real time (no more guess work).

Be held accountable to your goals like never before.

Get access to valuable data that can vastly improve both your training and nutrition just when you need it.


  • Over 100 pin point measurements from the Fit3D ProScanner. 

  • 30 minutes with an Equilibrium coach to take you through your scan results.

  • Access to the Fit3D client app to access all of your data at home.




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