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Introducing Equilibrium's New Partner - Petersfield Physio & Sports Injury Clinic

I'm very excited to announce a new partnership with Petersfield Physio & Sports Injury Clinic!

This new partnership will offer exclusive benefits to Equilibrium members for any physiotherapy needs they may have to support their training.

Gerry is the founder of Petersfield Physio and is here to give us a brief introduction as to how she helps people.

Take it away Gerry!

"I have been a physiotherapist for over 30 years and I LOVE it!

I have always been passionate about how the body works and how, as physios, we can help to put it back together when things go wrong.

My mission is to help you to help yourself achieve a pain free, active lifestyle through improved mobility, pain relief, exercise and education. I strongly believe that if you understand what has caused your pain or injury, you have a much better chance of helping yourself put it right!

My strap line is “It’s a Joint Process” – my clients are actively involved in their own recovery. That way your pain or injury will improve more quickly and stay away for longer.

I love working with active, sporty adults and children who are interested in keeping fit and healthy. I work closely with runners, cyclists and golfers in particular, having completed specialist courses in prevention and treatment of specific injuries related to their sport. I can help you improve your technique to improve and maintain performance and prevent injury.

As a keen and active sportswoman myself I understand the frustration of my clients when pain or injury prevents them from pursuing their chosen sport or activity. I am a regular cyclist and golfer and understand how important it is to have regular body MOTs to keep things ticking over!

I like to work with other health professionals to give my clients a holistic, comprehensive treatment package. I strongly support personal trainers, massage therapists, Pilates and yoga instructors and have regular sessions with them myself to keep my body working to its best advantage to support my own activities.

Regarding my treatments I use acupuncture, electro therapy, joint mobilisations, soft tissue release and a personalised exercise programme as appropriate.

I have been very fortunate to have worked on the film set of War Horse in 2011/12 treating famous actors and the film crew. It was a wonderful experience and a great insight into life outside the norm!

Please visit my website to read more about me, my qualifications and experience. I am really looking forward to working with Ryan and Equilibrium!"





We offer Personal Training, Group Training & Nutrition Coaching in Petersfield, Liphook, Liss, Rogate, Hampshire area in a boutique personal training training studio. We specialise in weight loss transformations with permanent results. Contact us to book in your consultation today. Very limited spaces available.

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