Achieve lasting results you didn't think were possible with Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching at Equilibrium Studios.​

First and foremost, that’s what our personal training programmes are about: helping you finally stay consistent with your fitness to achieve – and maintain – the body and health you want so you can live life to your fullest. To be confident, to say yes to everything you want to do, and to never feel like you are being held back.

We get it. You value your health and it’s not that you wanted to get off track. But you’re busy! Between family and professional commitments it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. You don’t have time to mess around with fitness and nutrition programs that don’t work. You’ve been-there-done-that with programs that aren’t tailored to your needs that leave you unmotivated to continue, injured or with little results.

You need something different. You can’t stand the typical overcrowded and intimidating “gym” setting where everyone seems more concerned about how they look while they exercise vs. actually how well they exercise. That’s not for you. And you don’t just want another one-size-fits-all fitness class or new fad routine by some self-proclaimed guru.

Perhaps it’s been a while (or a LONG while for some of us) since you’ve really followed any fitness programme but you know you need to get started. Or you’ve been working out but struggle with staying consistent or just aren’t seeing the results you want.


Fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you to set up a no commitment, FREE consultation. Together, we’ll create a custom plan to meet your goals.

Never Fail Another Diet Or Fitness Routine Ever Again

You’ve tried it all before. You’ve done the diets. You’ve done the fitness fads and you’re sick of starting over and over again.


You're fed up of watching muscle turn to flab, feeling lethargic throughout the day and getting frustrated you can’t maintain a regular fitness routine.


You're someone who’s sacrificed for their family, but isn’t it time to take care of you?



So what's included in our Personal Training Packages?

Much more than burpees and press-ups...

A programme designed for you.

We'll start off by getting to know all about YOU and exactly what it is you want to achieve in an in-depth consultation.


We'll perform a series of movement  and posture assessments both out in the gym and using our Fit3D ProScanner to build a programme that is unique to you and your body.


Equilibrium Studios Personal Training Team

Your dedicated coach.

You'll work closely with a dedicated coach 2-4 times per week that is ready to bring just as much drive, energy and determination to reaching your goals as you are.


They're there to motivate, educate and inspire you - just when you need it. All of our coaches are highly experienced, experts at what they do and help our members achieve things they didn't think were possible every day.

We'll work together to change one habit at a time.

We've partnered up with the world leading researchers in habit-based nutrition coaching - Precision Nutrition to bring you a world-class nutrition programme that not only has been proven to work 100,000 times over but promises to change your relationship with food forever.

Precision Nutrition Habit Coaching
Equilibrium Studios Group Training Session

We'll introduce you to a community as committed as you are.

We believe that a successful lifestyle change is all about surrounding yourself with supportive, like-minded people - so as part of every training package you'll get access to weekly high intensity classes and Pilates to help speed up both results and recovery .

We'll work hard to keep you both supported and accountable.

Every 4 weeks you'll have a 30 minute catch up with your coach. This will be a time to measure progress so far, reflect on what's been working and what hasn't and build a plan of action together going forward.


In short, we'll keep you focused, keep your supported and keep you accountable.

Fit3D mobile measurments

The Equilibrium Guarantee

Our promise to you is simple: follow your programme as it is designed, with your full commitment and to the best of your ability.


We guarantee you’ll look and feel better after 12 weeks of working with us or we’ll refund your entire investment in our training programme.

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Jake Dean

Male Client Transformation

Equilibrium studios has helped me completely transform my life! I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been. I love the Equilibrium approach because not only do they cover health and fitness but nutrition as well! You really get the complete package. The sessions are always fun and challenging and I always look forward to them. 

- Jake Dean

Package: 12 Month Transformation


Result: -64lbs